Under 60 Characters

Our lifestyle is dictated by numbers

We live in a society where our lifestyle is dictated by numbers. Whether that be our bank account, likes on Facebook or characters on Twitter.

Every day we strive to keep people updated in an ever decreasing space, how can you fit your thoughts and feelings into 140 characters? Long gone are the days of long, fluid letters to loved ones, the written word is a slowly dying art.

Technology = Life

Please don’t misunderstand me, I adore technology. I welcome all advances with open arms and have grown up watching society be shaped by modern advances.

I work in a world of limited characters. SEO (Search engine optimisation) dictates that you have to have the best possible description within an extremely limited space.

Describe your life in under 60 characters

So I started thinking, could you describe your life in 60 characters?

“Married content writer. No money. Adores the boy and gaming.”

That about sum’s me up. Let me see your life described in 60 characters or less.

It’s harder than you think!

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